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Education/Training/Workshops/ Film/Theatre: - East 15 acting school - England – Physical Theatre - 2019 - I took part, on stage, in a professional musical based on Ken Follett’s “Column of Fire”. This took place on the Danish musical scene at “Bellevue Theatre” - 2019, - Assistant director for Frede Guldbrandsen at Bellevue Theatre ” Bellevue Badehotel” (comedy/musical) and later at “Vendsyssel Theatre ” Hjørring Revyen” (Summer revue) – 2018/2019, - I took part, on stage, in the outdoor theatre performance “Roede Orm”, produced by “The Royal Theatre of Denmark” - physical, stage fight - 2018, - I took part in an English version of ‘Elektra’, the old Greek tragedy, which took place at a Danish theatre scene (House of International Theatre, CBS Theatre), in which I was playing Chorus member 5. This project was voluntary and together we all created something very special - 2018, - I have taken part in different media projects: Commercials, small parts in a few TV series in Denmark (Sjit Happens, Kanon kongen Freja, Herrens veje), - Skuespillerakademiet (Actor ́s academy) advanced – 18 weeks - 2017, - Skuespillerakademiet (Actor ́s Academy) foundation – 18 weeks - 2017, - I took part in an American short film, that took place in New York City (Pink Moon) - 2014, - I met with the actor and theatre professor, Akil Davis, founder and artistic director of the performance company LoudSol and specializing in physical theatre and the art of masks. I was curious about the acting community in New York City and in Akil’s projects of how to tell a story by combining physical theatre, mask with the core acting techniques, voice and sounds. He is a big inspiration to me as a performer. I took some coaching sessions With Akil - 2014, - I took individual lessons in the art of Balinese mask theatre by Per Brahe, which is a very physically and intuitive way of working in the art of presence, - I studied core acting for 3 months at “The Barrow Group” in New York City - 2014, - Oure efterskole (theatre studies) - 09/10, - I have participated in acting and performance workshops, in both Denmark and outside of Denmark to acquire skills and to widen my perspective of the acting field and to get in touch with my happiness for performance. Other than that, I have taken private acting lessons (6) as a preparation for Theatre schools and furthermore to talk to someone with a lot of experience in the industry and about their own experience and good advice on how to navigate in the business, - One-on-one singing lessons and practice with my vocal teacher Louise Høeg - 2012-present

Gender: Kvinde
Age: 28
Height: 174
Hair colour: Mørk blond
Eye colour: Gråblå
Weight: 54
Special skills: Sing, play instruments - ukulele and a little piano Movement and dance practice